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The "Little Monica"(will call as 'company') takes the personal information of users importantly, and follows the rules of Usage Promotion of Information Technology and Protection of Information.
The company notifies the users where and how the information is used, and what kind of system is there to protect it.
The company notifies the users if there is any change with the policy for the privacy by posting notice on the website or personal notification.

■ The list of information to be collected.

The company collects the following information for registering, counselling, registering for service, etc.

- List to collet : Name, birthday, ID for login, password, question and answer for password, telephone number of house, mobile phone, e-mail address, occupation, name of company, post of duty, duty, telephone of company, hobby, marriage, anniversaries, information of legal representative, resident registration number, record of service usage, connection log, information of connection IP, record of contract.
- Method of collecting personal information : Homepage(registering for membership), fill in the form.


■ Personal information's collection and purpose of usage.

The company uses the personal information as follow.

- Fulfilment of contract for providing service and settleing fees for providing service, purchasing and settleing fees, shipping goods or sending bills.
- Management of members
Verification of member him/herself for membership service, personal identification, Verification of member's age, Verification of approval from the legar representative of under age member(under age 14)
- Usage of marketing and advertisement
Checking frequency of connection or statistics of member's service usage.


■ Time period of personal information's usage and possession.

The company destroys the personal information right after the purpose of collecting it has complished.


■ Process and method of destroying personal information.

The company destroys the personal information right after the purpose of collecting it has complished. The process and method of it is as follow.

- Process
After the purpose of collecting the member's personal information is complished, it will be moved to another DB(another cabinet if it is on paper) and kept there for laws of protecion of information in the time period settled by the company or by according laws.

The information moved to another DB will not be used for any other use other than usage requested by laws.

- Method of destroy
The information saved as electronic file is to be destroyed in the way that the data cannot be restored.


■ Providing personal information

The company does not provide the members' personal information to third party.

- In case the user allowed before.
- In request by laws, in request for investigation from courts by rules.


■ Consignment of information collected.

The company does not consign the information of the members to any other company. In case it becomes necessary, the recipient and information of consignment is to be notified to the users, and get approbal ahead if needed.


■ Right and method of exercise of user and his/her legal representative.

The user or the legal representative for under aged user can use the 'change of personal information'(or 'change of membership information') to inquir or change it, and 'cancel of membership'(or 'approved withdrawal') to cancel the membership after member verification. Or, the user can write, call, or e-mail to the staff in charge of the personal information.
In case the user requested to change the personal information, it will not be used or provided to the third party untill it is changed as requested. If it is provided to the third party before the request, the newer information is informed immediatly.
The information which is requested to cancel or deleted the user or the legal representative is handled by the company as the rule of 'Time period of personal information's usage and possession' and is not able to use other wise.


■ Installation, operation, and refusal of the auto collection of personal information system.

The company uses 'cookie' or etc that stores user's information. Cookie is a very small text file that is sent from our server sends to your computer and is stored in user's hard disk. The company uses cookie for the following reasons.

▶ Purpose of cookie's usage.

- Analyzing frequency of member or non-member's connection to our site, tracing the taste and interests of the users, tracing event participation , frequency of visit, etc for target marketing and individual custom-made services.

The user has the right of choice for installing cookie. So, the user can allow all the cookie by setting it in the option, or check it everytime when the computer is trying to install it, or refuse all the cookie.

▶ Setting for refusing cookie.

ex. The user can allow all the cookie by setting it in the option, or check it everytime when the computer is trying to install it, or refuse all the cookie.


ex.(Internet Explorer) On your web browser, find 'Tools' > Internet Option > Privacy

But, if you refuses the cookie, you might have difficulty using the services.


■ Services for memeber's privacy

For users' privacy protection and to handle troubles, the company has the following duties and representative of privacy management.

Representative of privacy management : Sun Hyun Lee
   E-mail :

If there is any trouble while using our service or any trouble with your private information, you can contact our representative of privacy management immediatly. The company will handle the trouble and contact as soon as possible.


REPRESENTATIVE PHONE NUMBER : 001-82-70-8782-8254, 001-82-10-7644-7266
PRIVACY: SUN HYUN LEE                  
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